Edelrid Tree Cruiser Ascenders


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The Edelrid FOOT CRUISER Ascender is a sophisticated tool designed to make rope climbing efficient and low-fatigue. This foot ascender features a pre-installed, but removable, rope safety device to prevent unintentional release, ensuring a secure climb. Its locking mechanism is easy to operate, even with your feet, and the ascent loop is fitted with an abrasion protector for added durability. The FOOT CRUISER is available for both right and left feet and can be connected to Edelrid Talon Tree Spurs for a seamless climbing experience.


  • Cam with self-cleaning slots for optimum grip on frozen or muddy ropes.
  • Pre-installed but removable rope safety device to prevent unintentional release.
  • Ascent loop fitted with abrasion protector.
  • Can be attached to the Talon tree climbing spikes.
  • Self-Cleaning Slots: Designed to handle frozen or muddy ropes, ensuring optimal grip and performance.
  • Removable Rope Keeper: Prevents unintentional rope release, enhancing safety during climbs.
  • Abrasion Protector: Protects the ascent loop from wear and tear, extending the device’s lifespan.


  • Device Type: Foot Ascender
  • Rope Compatibility: 8 - 13mm
  • Compatible With: Edelrid Talon

The Edelrid FOOT CRUISER is perfect for professional arborists and climbers seeking a reliable and efficient ascension system. Its compatibility with the Edelrid Talon Tree Spurs and durable design make it a valuable addition to any climbing gear.


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