Edelrid Talon Climbers


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Edelrid Talon Climbers. These German-designed tree climbers are built on a completely new design, and have been engineered to naturally follow the human leg shape. EDELRID TALON CLIMBERS rank among the lightest climbing gaffs available today, with the talon maximising ergonomics to allow for the highest level of comfort and flexibility, perfect for long days of use in the harness.


  • Lightweight (1.100g each) and durable steel construction (thanks to the accurate combination of proper material for each part)
  • Ergonomically designed to follow the shape of the human leg
  • ASTM conformity
  • 3D-shaped padding for comfort
  • Ventilated mesh on the padding for superior breathability
  • 3 directional adjusting system on the lower binding for a perfect fixing of the boot
  • Shoe shaped lower binding to avoid pressure points
  • All textile part are easy to remove and wash, and are designed to be replaced when worn


  • Calf size: 33cm to 48cm (circumference)
  • Precise height adjustment: 38cm - 47cm

Optional Items:

  • Long (70mm) or short (43mm) gaff available.
  • Rope Ascender.
  • Separate footplate for better comfort during long climbs.

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