Edelrid D-Classic 3000 Carabiner - Quickdraw Triple Lock or Screw II Lock


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Edelrid D-Classic 3000 Triple Oasis Carabiner. Widely considered as one of the most reliable performers among aluminium carabiners, the Edelrid D-Classic 3000 Triple Oasis Carabiner is an easy-to-handle aluminium carabiner with a solid keylock closure mechanism.
  • Excellent weight to breaking load ratio (30 kN!)
  • Keylock closure system for optimal handling when clipping and unclipping
  • Available with either screw or triple lock

Weight (g): 76 (Screw), 78 (Triple)

Physical dimension (mm): 110 mm x 63 mm (Screw), 110 mm x 65 mm (Triple)

Gate opening (mm): 22 (Screw), 20 (Triple)

Load carrying capacity (kN): 30

Load capacity transversal (kN): 9 (Screw), 8 (Triple)

Load capacity open (kN): 9 (Screw), 10 (Triple)

Certification: EN 362

Available as the following:

  • D-Classic 3000 Screw Lock
  • D-Classic 3000 Triple Lock

* colours may vary


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