DreamLine Tachyon with Slaice


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Teufelberger DreamLine Tachyon with Slaice

Arbormaster and Teufelberger are proud to introduce a "DreamLine" version of our popular climbing lines. Designed by Australians for Australia. Teufelberger is proud to introduce “DreamLine” versions of our popular climbing lines; Tachyon and Braided Safety Blue. The new colour of the “DreamLines” are the result of collaboration between Teufelberger, Kurt Brown of the Queensland Arboriculture Association and Henk Morgans of Evergreen Tree Care Brisbane. Kurt and Henk thought it was appropriate that, a rope designed by and for Australian arborists, should be something that resonated with the climbers of Australia. Both the Braided Safety Blue and Tachyon lines have been among the world’s best-selling arborist lines. Introduced in the 70s, the Braided Safety Blue family (including the original white Braided Safety Blue, Hi-Vee, Ultra-Vee and T-Vee) owe their popularity to their rugged design. Utilising a wax coating over plied strands, the 16-strand Braided Safety Blue products stand up to even the harshest conditions. Tachyon was introduced to provide a lightweight climbing line that worked well with mechanical devices. Utilising a special construction, Tachyon does not flatten in use, providing a predictable response and longer life. Teufelberger is proud to offer the DreamLine versions of Tachyon and Braided Safety Blue through Arbormaster.


  • Revolutionary Flexifirm Core Technology results in this lightweight 11.5mm climbing line that stays firm and round while permitting spliced eyes in one or both ends of the line using a double braid splice
  • Performs well in popular hardware designed for use with 11mm ropes
  • Firm yet flexible design & superior strand definition significantly improve friction hitch performance without the "bagginess" that occurs with other 11mm ropes
  • Firm, round cross section also improves grip for less hand fatigue without the added bulk and weight of half inch ropes. Slaice one end.
  • Patented [slaice]® rope termination. This unique combination of splicing and stitching is available for the Tachyon, Braided Safety Blue, Arbor Elite and Fly climbing ropes. [slaice]® offers its users several significant advantages over conventional splices or stitchings.

Specifications: Diameter: 7/16" (11.5mm)

Tensile Strength: 6,800lbs (3,090kg)

Colours: Available in all new DreamLine combination colours: Red, Black and Yellow

Available Lengths: 45m, 60m


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