DreamLine Safety Blue with Slaice


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Teufelberger DreamLine Safety Blue with Slaice

Arbormaster and Teufelberger are proud to introduce a "DreamLine" version of our popular climbing lines.  Designed by Australians for Australia. Teufelberger is proud to introduce “DreamLine” versions of our popular climbing lines; Tachyon and Braided Safety Blue. The new colour of the “DreamLines” are the result of collaboration between Teufelberger, Kurt Brown of the Queensland Arboriculture Association and Henk Morgans of Evergreen Tree Care Brisbane. Kurt and Henk thought it was appropriate that, a rope designed by and for Australian arborists, should be something that resonated with the climbers of Australia. Teufelberger Safety BlueAustralia’s best-selling 1/2" climbing rope is now available in the all new Aussie DreamLine. A critical life safety line. Same great performance characteristics as the standard Teufelberger Safety Blue Hi-Vee, Ultra Vee and Tee Vee 16 strand ropes but with a distinctive Aussie flavour. Teufelberger is proud to offer the DreamLine versions of Tachyon and Braided Safety Blue through Arbormaster.

  • Blue safety core yarns act as a warning flag should the rope become heavily abraded or cut
  • 16-strand cover consists of tightly-plied polyester surrounding polyolefin cores which significantly reduces weight without compromising firmness and roundness
  • Cover yarns are treated with a special formulation which enhances the product's abrasion resistance and extending its useful life
  • Patented [slaice]® rope termination. This unique combination of splicing and stitching is available for the Tachyon, Braided Safety Blue, Arbor Elite and Fly climbing ropes. [slaice]® offers its users several significant advantages over conventional splices or stitchings.


Diameter: 1/2"

Tensile Strength: 7,000lbs (3,175kg)

Available Lengths: 45m, 60m, other lengths available on request


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