DMM Revolver Rig LockSafe

DMM Revolver Rig LockSafe Carabiner A5871CB


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DMM Revolver Rig LockSafe. This is a connector with a built-in pulley. It has high efficiency bearings, a removable threaded captive bar and a textile friendly becket. The Revolver Rig is designed in such a way that when using a connector attached to the becket any friction between the connector and rope is minimised.
  • Large sheave tread diameter for large bend radius
  • High efficiency roller bearings
  • Keylock nose for snagfree operation
  • Full strength becket accepts most carbiners or direct textile connection
  • Removable captive bar
  • DMM ID optional
  • Uniquely profiled spine to aid correct orientation
Specifications: Conformance: EN12278:2007, EN362:2004 Weight: 203g Dimensions: 76 x 160mm MBS: 25kN WLL: 5kN Max rope diameter: 7-13mm

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