DMM Nexus 1

DMM Nexus 1


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DMM Nexus 1. The Nexus is a compact mini swivel system with D shaped or bow shaped shackles on both sides of the swivel. The inline attachments are kept neat and predictable with the small D shaped shackle the increased size of the bow-shaped shackle allows more complex set ups by catering for loading across the shackle. A combination of the bow shaped shackle and the D shaped shackle is also available.


  • 'Textile friendly'
  • Hot forged aluminium shackles and CNC'd swivels
  • User maintainable grease port for bearing longevity
  • Double locking high tensile stainless steel axles for durability
  • Roller thrust bearings for smooth efficiency
  • Shackle uses 4mm and 2mm Allen keys to ensure secure locking


Weight: 103g
MBS: 26kN
WLL: 3kN
Dimensions: 103 x 48 x 27mm
Conforms to: DMM QAP91 (shackle conforms to EN 362:2004/M if taken off and used with spacer as per instructions)


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