The Davis Starlifter / Log Roller

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The Davis Starlifter

This dual-purpose tool is designed to lift logs off the ground to a more steady position to be cut, preventing saw damage. It enables users to elevate a log for cutting in one smooth action while remaining upright no bending or lifting. It also lifts T-posts vertically out of the ground. This tool eliminates back strain from heavy lifting and makes previously difficult work into a one man job. It can lift logs as heavy as 1,500 kg and can lift horizontal logs from 60 mm to 600 mm in diameter to a ground clearance of 1 foot (30 cm) at the sawing point. It can also function as a log roller.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: the Davis Starlifter is exempt from free freight. This is a Bulky Item. Delivery charges will apply.


  • Lightweight multi purpose tool
  • Minimises OH&S issues that can arise when working with logs and steel posts
  • Alleviates damage to star pickets allowing re-use
  • Manufactured from high quality materials and made to last
  • Superior build strength
  • Exceptional lifting capacity
  • No interchangeable parts
  • Structural guarantee
  • Offers a cost effective alternative to more expensive hydraulic units offering the same lifting capacity

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