Climbing Technology Chest Ascender 2D640D0


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CT Chest Ascender Evo. The EVO is commonly used as a chest ascender but this lightweight alloy chest ascender can also be used for other applications. The design of the CT Chest Ascender Evo ensures smooth and positive ascending, as well as good jamming; and a patented rope release and cam unlock with its anti-inversion system.  Use together with the ascender handle QUICK’UP +.


  • External profile for the opening lever, which makes climbing up the rope smoother and more effective
  • Large shape for the hole in the opening lever, to facilitate use even when wearing gloves
  • Lower hole stays parallel to the user for optimum harness fit
  • Patented system for unlocking the cam, with just one downwards movement necessary
  • Anti-inversion cam system


Weight: 140g
Rope: Fits 10-13 mm rope sizes
Length: 106mm
Width: 76mm
Certifications: Approved EN 567:2013 8-13 mm; EN 12841:2006-B 10-13 mm

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