Cobra 8 Tonne Tree Bracing Kit

Cobra Tree Bracing System - 8T Complete Kit


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Cobra 8 Tonne Tree Bracing Kit. The Cobra is a self adjusting, flexible and shock absorbing tree bracing system. It is designed to work with springs to allow a braced tree to move naturally in the wind, building support wood naturally rather than being held rigid with wire. The Cobra is quick to install and provides minimal maintenance due to the self adjusting configuration. The Cobra system is designed after years of research and on-hand experience. The Cobra system is considered a single component system, not a combination of individual parts to purchase separately. Once installed a tree will have a flexible bracing system to help it strengthen. When it does, a shock absorbing unit will support any compensation growth through defined, low-resistance oscillation. The unit works with a special custom-made cable. Even without this unit, the system is flexible enough to reduce oscillation impact. 


  • 40 metres cable
  • 8 pieces end caps 8 tonnes
  • 8 pieces expansion insert (120 cm)
  • 12 metres anti-abrasion hose 8 tonnes
  • 4 pieces shock absorber 8 tonnes
  • Instruction manual


Material: Polypropylene monofilament, blackened
Braiding: 12-fold Diameter: 28 mm
Tensile strength: 9 tonnes
Tensile strength of the system with shock absorber: 10 tonnes
Ultimate ductile yield: 17 %
Service ductile yield (loaded with 20-60%): 3 to 10%
Ageing: < 2 % per year
Service life: 8 years

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