Buff Helmet Liner Pro Black

Buff Helmet Liner Pro Black

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Wear it as headband with or without protective headgear.


Made with 100% Fastwick Extra Plus for superb wicking performance, this knitted polyester fabric has a special construction that simulates beehive cells which is able to keep the wearer comfortable even during high intensity activity.

New bonding technology has been used to join the fabric to help prevent skin irritation by eliminating seams.

Weighing just 18g and measures 27.5 x 25.5cm it will not take up much valuable space.

Treated with Silver Plus, an odour management solution designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the fabric.
is machine washable and non iron.

BUFF headwear will not lose its elasticity, is colour fast and will not fade.
It’s a technical tubular head/neck sock, designed for relief in sunny, hot, or sterile workplaces. UV Protection, Cooling, & Antibacterial addresses the demand for Tradies, Dentists, Doctors, Nurses & Chefs. You sweat so it wicks the sweat away and cools you. UPF 20 rating makes it good skin cancer protection. Hard hat gunk? The premium Polygine technology stops it from smelling and keeps it Germ-Free for a lifetime. The tubular design makes it multifunctional headwear.
The most popular ways to way are cooling hard hat liner, sweatband and UV protection face mask


  • A 51 cm long, knitted tube of 100% Coolmax tetrachannel yarn
  • Designed for medium activity work in the heat & sun & dust
  • Replaces 10 different types of head wear
  • Skin Cancer – 95% UV blockage (UPF 20)
  • Cooling – Coolmax Extreme rating
  • Chill Protection – Can keep the chill away
  • Ultra thin – Fits nicely under any helmet
  • Premium Polygiene technology kills germs and odour
  • Free of Harmful Substances – Certified
  • Lasts several years of daily use
  • Fits Adults with a head circumference 53-62 cm
  • Weighs 43 gr (1.517 oz)


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