DMM Big Boa Alloy Karabiner

DMM BOA Pear Shape 30kN Carabiner Titanium Green A907


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DMM's Big Boa Alloy Carabiner with Auto LockSafe is the 'Big Daddy' of lockers and karabiners. It is a beefed up, super strong carabiner. The 30kN Big Boa has an impressive gate closed strength and is robust enough to cope with the toughest of rigging scenarios. And yet, because it has an I-Beam construction, it is still impressively light.
  • Ultra strong, large clean nose HMS locking biner
  • Ideal for rigging; can accommodate multiple knots
  • Large gate opening
  • Easy to handle in gloves
  • Strong I-Beam construction to save weight (almost 25% reduction)


Construction: Aluminium

Action: Auto LockSafe

Strength: 30kN (Gate Closed)

Gate Opening: 23mm

Weight: 105g


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