Bar Rail Dresser

Vallorbe Bar Rail Dresser


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Vallorbe Bar Rail Dresser. A great tool to have for your chainsaw's guide bar maintenance, this tool lets you file on the guide bar to give a nice fresh surface for the chain to run on. The bar dresser tool ensures a true running chain and straight cutting. This compact tool goes anywhere the handle is extremely durable, and the files are available separately for easy replacement, outstanding value, and long overall tool life.
  • This tool allows you to quickly and easily maintain the guide bar
  • There are two applications for the bar dresser, chanfering the edges and dressing the bar at a 90 degree angle
  • The befits of the bar dressing are better lubrication of the chain
  • Increase the life cycle of the bar and chain by approximatly 30%
  • Maintain the bar at least evey time you change the chain
Specifications: Weight (with Packaging): 0.39 lbs

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