Bahco Splitter/Axe Handle

Bahco Splitter/Axe Handle


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Bacho Splitter and Axe Handle. Each Bahco wooden spare handle is delivered with a plastic wedge for fixation of the handle in the splitter-head. Remove the old handle, clean out the eye of the head and fix the new handle into the eye. Drive the plastic wedge into the handle using a hammer until it has reached the same level as the head itself.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Straight first grade hickory wood handle


Material: Hickory wood
AB078007 suits the Bacho 80cm 4-1/2lb Splitter (SUP and SUS)
AB078008 suits the Bacho 86cm Axe. (FCP-2.0, FCS-2.0, FCP-2.3, FCS-2.3) Hickory.

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