ART Twister Swivel

ART Twister Swivel P62


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ART Twister Swivel. The ART Twister Swivel is a unique device that allows for controlled rotation during use. The swivel device can be rotated while climbing with load into the best orientation, allowing the user’s optimal handling of rope safety devices. The orientation is maintained after releasing the load, without twisting. Twists in climbing systems are to be avoided , so the ART Twister Swivel offers this as an innovative solution. The ART Twister Swivel is constructed using a stainless steel bush instead of a smooth-running ball bearing. This allows for the easy turning of the rope when not in use, as well as stable positioning and rotational resistance when a load is applied.
  • Easy turning of rope without load
  • Defined rotational resistance under load
  • Constructed of aluminium and stainless steel
Specifications: Width: 18mm Length: 78mm Recommended service life: 7 years

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