ART Snake Anchor 250cm & 500cm VSA


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ART Snake anchor. A multifunctional device that can be used as a lanyard or for anchoring with Tunnel Ring. It is 16mm large and made with parallel sewn 8 mm polyester double braid rope as well as segment stitching, , which allow a gradual length adjustment (2.7 inch intervals) and can be used as shock absorber when a force of 5 kN or higher is applied


  • Utility model
  • Mobile anchor and connecting device with stepwise adjustable length
  • Tunnel Rings are made of aluminum machined in the solid
  • To be used as anchor above or below load
  • Length adjustable (in about 7 cm intervals with the 2.5 m version and about 9 cm intervals with the 5 m version)
  • Securing the position in choking mode with non-locking karabiners
  • Can be used as an adjustable friction saver with karabiners or pulleys
  • Great abrasion resistance with wide contact surface thanks to parallel sewn 8 mm double strand polyester rope
  • High loading capacity and protection of the spliced eye owed to the ART Tube Ring principle
  • Enhanced safety and tensile load based on load evenly distributed to the whole of the Tube Ring
  • Static load capacity of segment seams up to 4 kN (working load) and segment seams’ shock absorbing qualities from 5 kN


Tested with: 22 kN/3 min.

Breaking load: ca. 22,5 kN

Weight: 250 cm: ca. 350 g, 500 cm: ca. 660 g

Service life: 5 years The ART Snake Anchor is available in two sizes: 5m | 2.5m Made in Germany.


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