ART Snake Tail


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The ART SnakeTail is a versatile multi-use tool/cambium saver for professionals in the climbing industry. At 115 cm long, it can be used as a connecting device between harness and ascenders, as a cambium saver, redirect, lanyard, foot strap, and more. With an adjustable length in 5 cm increments, it also serves as a mobile anchor and adjustable friction management device. Its low stretch and high strength make it a reliable tool with a 5 year service life.

  • Certified to EN 795 and EN B 354:02010
  • Stepwise length adjustment in 5cm increments
  • Minimum Breaking Load: 23kN
  • Internal Ring Size: 25mm
  • Length: approx 115cm
  • Weight: approx 170 g

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