ART Rope Guide 2010 Cocoon 5 Cambium Saver


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The ART Ropeguide 2010 with Cocoon Pulley is a patented friction saver/cambium saver that allows smooth rope work and special care for the cambium join forces. Light and strong, the ART Rope guide is designed to take on large loads safely. It features only half a solid ring’s weight but still provides enhanced stability and safety. The ring comes with a tubular design for a streamlined construction. The rope runs protected within the tube-shaped ring, which in turn strengthens the device The ART Rope guide 2010 has a fender which allows the ring to align vertically when pulled from a forked branch, giving a smooth, easy gliding action even through smaller forks The ART Rope guide 2010 retains the Cocoon 2 pulley for an easy and safe running of the rope, and the Zip-Absorber-1, which provides a built-in “airbag”, adding to the safety of the device.

  • Available sizes: 150cm BELT (RG10C15) or 300cm Belt (RG10C300)
  • Integrated Zip-Absorber-1
  • Continuously adjustable length
  • Can be combined with Doublesnapper-3
  • Easy lifting action of pulley with climbing rope installed
  • Enhanced “Choking" mode based on spring loaded cam
  • Automatic locking without slippage
  • Easy adjustment with heavy loads
  • Longer lever which allows for an easy release of the locking cam when pulled
  • Friction Saver contact surface which combines the advantages of the rope and loop
  • Top safety and loading capacity due to tunnel shaped ring and rope combined
  • Optimized retrieval of ring with integrated fender
  • Easy release false crutch with long release lever
  • Low-kink friction saver supplies great width and abrasion resistance by parallel sewn 8 mm polyamide rope

Recommended service life: 10 years


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