ART Lock Jack Sport with Swivel

ART Lock Jack Sport 1/2" with Swivel LKS-OW


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ART Lock Jack Sport. It is an efficient and easy to use device for ascent and descent in treeclimbing. It offers every climber beginner or pro level, a safe, positive and energy saving climbing experience. Equipped with the ART Swivel the LockJack compensates twists of rope and body alike and thus raises the climbing comfort considerably.
  • Compact and light
  • No need to manually advance hitch
  • Eliminates rope-on-rope friction
  • No knot tying or untying
  • Easy to use - allows user to master ascending and descending quickly
  • More responsive than other doubled rope connections
  • Reduces energy required to climb
  • Frictionless when descending swiftly - does not melt knots
Specifications: Rope diameter: 11-13mm Certification: EN 358

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