ARS Folding Saw 17cm Straight Blade Z17


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ARS Folding Saw. Is a straight bladed saw that comes with a tough, injection molded handle, designed for comfort and safety. It replaces the previous ARC AR210DX and the ARG18L models.


  • Razor sharp turbo-cut teeth with fast pull-cut action blades.
  • Curved ground blade for low friction sawing.
  • Precision ground High Carbon Steel for a durable cutting edge.
  • Hard-Chrome plated blade for rust and sap resistance.
  • The blade is locked in place with a spring-loaded plastic clip that activates as soon as you open.
  • Replacement blades and other spare parts available.


Surface Finishing: Hard-Chrome Plating
Material: High-Carbon Steel
Tooth Grinding: Curvature Ground
Tooth Type: TURBOCUT
Tooth Pitch: 4mm
Tooth Thickness: 1.2mm
Overall Length: 383mm (open)
Weight: 175g
Blade Length: 170mm

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