ARS Arborist Curved Pruning Saw

ARS Arborist Curved Blade Pruning Saw CT32EN


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ARS Arborist Curved Pruning Saw.

This is a very popular tree workers saw. Equipped with a Super Turbo-Cut Tooth Blade (a unique UV-shaped tooth) to allow for smooth cutting whether horizontally, vertically or at any other given angle. Unlike conventional saw teeth which are filed and alternately bent, the ARS blade is taper ground, and each tooth is honed to a precise knife-edge sharpness. The unique patented blade produces a remarkably clean cut. Finished with hard chrome plating for an extra tough, rust resistant, wipe-clean blade. Replacement blade available.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Super Turbo-Cut Tooth Blade
  • Hard chrome plated blade
  • Rust resistant


Blade Length: 300mm
Length: 525mm
Weight: 230g

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