Arbormaster Friction Drum

Arbormaster Friction Drum


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Arbormaster Friction Drum. This lowering device is not just for big jobs, as it can reduce take down times by up to 25%. The Friction Drum will not only save you money -- it will greatly improve work site safety, reduce ground crew fatigue and prelong the life of your lowering ropes by eliminating wraps around trees. The Friction Drum has the ability to winch the slack and stretch from the rope system and even partly lift branches clear of obstructions. It features a double action ratchet system and takes only minutes to set up. It is easy to operate and requires minimum training. Capable of handling rope sizes from 12mm to 25mm and a tree circumference up to 6 meters.


  • Adjustable and consistent friction
  • Load lock off function
  • Tensioning and lifting function
  • Black powder coated frame
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Industry recognised and field tested


Rope Capacity: 12mm - 25mm
Working load limit: 12kN

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