Best Price Guarantee

We take great care to ensure our prices are competitive. Our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE is simple. We regularly check what is happening in the marketplace to offer you lowest prices all year round. However, if by chance you happen to find a better price on a particular item from an Australian retailer, tell us and we will happily BEAT THE ADVERTISED PRICE BY 10%, subject to the following conditions —

  • The item must be in stock in Australia
  • The product must be identical
  • We need to be able to verify the offer
  • Best Price Guarantee request must be made at the time of purchase
  • Does not extend to postage / delivery fees
  • Excludes trade quotations, stock clearances and commercial quantities
  • Does not extend to any Husqvarna™, Flymo™, McCulloch™, Hansa, Kohler or THS products
  • Excludes all ART products

If you would like any further information, or have any queries, problems or complaints in relation to this Best Price Guarantee, please contact us by calling 13000-ARBOR (1300 027 267) or via our Contact Us form.