STEIN DJANGO Foot Ascender


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The STEIN DJANGO Foot Ascender is a robust and highly functional tool designed in collaboration with ISC, incorporating extensive feedback from industry professionals. This foot ascender prioritizes durability and functionality, offering a smooth upward movement and positive rope engagement through tried and tested geometry.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cam-Face: The unique stainless steel cam ensures a firm, reliable grip on the rope with minimal wear to the sheath, providing positive engagement.
  • Spring Tension: Extensively tested cam-spring offers sufficient tension to prevent easy disengagement while allowing free upward movement without dragging the trailing rope.
  • Foot-Operable Cam Lever: Easily open and close the cam with the foot-operable lever, which can also be hooked over the device body to keep the cam open.
  • Removable Cam Lever: The foot lever can be removed to allow a greater range of cam pivot, enabling the user to remove the rope using a kick technique with the leg the device is mounted on.
  • Abrasion Resistant Straps: Made from specially developed webbing, the mounting strap and protective under-foot sleeve have superior durability in harsh conditions.
  • Fully Adjustable Straps: Both horizontal and vertical straps are fully adjustable, allowing users to position the cam body on the boot according to their preference.
  • Creep-Free Webbing: The design of the webbing, mounting slots, and buckles ensures the DJANGO remains in position throughout use.
  • Easy to Fit/Remove: The main strap buckle tightens by pulling the webbing strap firmly and releases with a one-handed action by pulling the toggle upwards. The anti-slip buckle design prevents unwanted strap loosening during use.

Types available:

  1. Left 
  2. Right


The STEIN DJANGO Foot Ascender is built to meet the rigorous demands of arborists and other professionals, ensuring reliable performance and longevity. This tool is essential for anyone seeking efficient and safe ascension techniques in tree climbing and other rope access applications.


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