Silky Sintung Ratchet 50mm Lopper Head for Hayauchi


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Silky Sintung Lopper Head for Hayauchi.  The SINTUNG lopper head is designed to fit Silky's HAYAUCHI pole. This ratchet operated lopper replaces your HAYAUCHI's blade in just a couple of minutes and offers precise, easy pruning of branches up to 50mm (2-inch) diameter. Comes with 17.6' of pull cord with a wooden handle and a loose 6.7' in the bag to add length.


  • Offers easy and precise pruning of branches (up to 2"/50mm diameter)
  • Guarantees smooth cutting with fully heat-treated and Teflon-S coated carbon steel cutting blade
  • Double pulley system and 4-position ratchet mechanism allows lopping off of thick branches with minimal effort Packs neatly with a tough, protective draw-string pouch
    Length: 17.6 ft
    Weight: 6.01 lbs
    Material: Aluminum, Steel
    Color: Black

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