REECOIL Heavy Duty Retractable Tool Lanyard (non ratcheting)


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REECOIL Heavy Duty Retractable Tool Lanyard (non ratcheting). A retractable, high strength tool lanyard, this is the non ratcheting model that is a great option for hand tools being kept beside the retractable lanyard mounting point and for people who don't want to have to initiate the retracting mechanism. Able to house 1.25m of PU coated, flexible steel lanyard cable, the REECOIL Heavy Duty Retractable Tool Lanyard (non ratcheting) is a truly compact device. This REECOIL lanyard has been designed for you to be able to access the right amount of lanyard reach when and where you need it, and also recoil to be completely out of the way when you don't. All lanyard retractors are equipped with a swivel connection for tools, giving you the option to connect cleanly to hammers, drills, and other rotating hand tools, without getting your lanyard twisting in the process. Mount the lanyard retractor onto the webbing of your fall arrest (or tool belt and rope access harness), using the belt loop. You can also Quick Mount with the aid of the carabiner loop, to clip onto a nearby anchor point (or your harness or tool bucket).


  • Developed as a hard wearing, high strength tool lanyard for Rope Access and Fall Arrest work situations
  • Choose Retractor with Swivel for belt or webbing attachment and to interchange your tool connection carabiner
  • Choose Retractor with Swivel and Carabiner Loop to quickly attach to your harness, tool bucket or an anchor point
  • Choose Retractor with Swivel Carabiner and Carabiner Loop for an integrated tool carabiner and quick, harness or tool bucket attachment


Weight: 8.2 ounces
Dimensions: 3.9 x 1.4 x 3 inches
MBS: 50kg
WLL: 5kg
Length: 1.25m

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