Protos Arborist Safety Helmet


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The perfect fit and optimum hold of the PROTOS Integral Arborist make it perfect for work at height, where face protection is indispensable. The hearing and face protection are integrated into the shell of the head protection and thereby prevent snagging on branches and protruding parts. The special design of the PROTOS Integral allows the cooling air to flow in from all sides and to escape through the ventilation gate. This ensures that the head does not over heat even during the most strenuous activities. After tiring work the KlimaAIR Set can be exchanged and washed at 30° C to maintain the hygiene. The guide of the chin strap is designed so that it cannot slip under the hearing protection where it would affect the noise reduction or the wearing comfort. The PROTOS Integral Arborist is of course certified according to ­EN 397 and EN 12492 which embodies AS/NZ1801.

Included Accessories

  • PROTOS Integral Chin Strap – EN12492 (Item No.: 204043)
  • PROTOS Integral Hearing Protection – EN352-3 (Item No.: 204067)
  • PROTOS Integral Metal Visor F39 – EN1731 (Item No.: 204063)
  • CrashAbsorber – EN12492 OR PROTOS Integral Metal Visor FG16 – EN1731 (Item No.: 204064)


One size (54-62)

Patents And Design Patents

  • EP no. 2 498 636, EU design no. 1731167
  • Swiss design no. 137 620
  • US design pat. no. D677,006
  • EP Patent No. 2 498 635
  • EP Patent No. 2 506 731
  • US patent no. 8,806,667
  • DE patent no. 10 2011 054 945
  • EU design no. 1 974 528
  • EP design no. 2012 101 489

Further national and international patents and designs are pending, in particular for the interior equipment, the visor (incl. face mask with elastic damping and sealing lip) and the CrashAbsorber.


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