Husqvarna XP Force Trimmer Line

Husqvarna XP Force Trimmer Line


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Extreme commercial grade dual polymer line. Patented ”Whisper” design reducing noise level by 50% compared to Round line. Abrasion resistant outer skin for durability and less susceptible to breakage. Fast accelerationand level flight characteristics allow for reduced fuel consumption. Precut option especially suited to quick replacement of line when fitted with the alloytrimmer head.


  • Whisper pattern-Reduced noise level with 50%.

  • Co-Extruded-The inner core improves the wear resistance whichgives the line high durability and increased working life.

  • Durability 5/5-Optimised material combinations for prolonged lifetime.

  • Efficiency 5/5-High cutting efficiency means less work.Possible with the right choice of material. Grass-This product is best suited for trimming grass Product Variants 


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