DMM Retrieval Cone Large

DMM Retrieval Cone Large


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DMM Retrieval Cone Large. This product has a cone-shaped leading edge designed to guide the anchor components through surely and reliably, with little resistance, and then locates in retrieval element. The DMM Retrieval Cone Large is made of a strong, high-performance polymer that lends impact resistance, high dimensional accuracy, and UV tolerance to guarantee dependable performance over an extended lifespan. The maximum diameter has been fit to a certain selection of common tree care anchor components—made for use to retrieve thefimblSAVER, multiSAVER, and the Pinto Rig on the older pulleySAVER.
*NOTE - Dimensions of cord channel and knot cavity are optimised for the following: – to grip specified cord (Teufelberger Orion 3mm) so that cone is unlikely to slide off cord (not ideal when at height); and – to increase maximum wall thickness and consequently increased strength


  • Durable, made of high performance polymer
  • High dimensional accuracy, impact-resistance, and UV tolerance
  • Reliable performance over extended lifespan


    Code: AR2960C
    Colour: Red
    Dimensions: 22.3mm OD
    Weight: 6g
    Assessed performance in retrieval: >2kN (with Teufelberger Orion 3mm red)

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