DMM 10mm Steel Oval Locksafe Karabiner

DMM 10mm Steel Oval Locksafe Karabiner


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DMM 10mm Steel Oval Locksafe Karabiner. Is the ultimate rope access karabiner. Compact, strong and hard wearing yet incredibly versatile in application. The oval shape helps centralise loaded connectors, slings, pulleys, etc while minimising the un-nerving jumping of equipment associated with more extreme D shaped connectors.


  •  Curved rope baskets for compatibility with slings, ropes, pulleys, and devices
  • Self-centering when loaded
  • Oval shaped biner which is ideal for pulley systems
Specifications: Gate opening: 12mm Strength: (gate closed) 30kN Strength: (gate open) 10kN Strength: (minor axis) 9kN Weight: 189g

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