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Clogger Snake Protex Gaiters. The result of over 12 months’ worth of investigation, ideation, design, and testing, the Clogger Snake Protex Gaiters has been designed specifically to protect the lower leg (covers the knee to the ankle). To guarantee rigorous testing, a professional herpetologist was called in to get through all the necessary trials for the gaiter. Proving itself well, this impressive product strengthens the claim that Clogger Snake Protex will assist in protecting a person wearing the product from snakebite, if worn correctly. The Clogger Snake Protex Gaiters must be worn over suitable trousers and boots and definitely should not be worn with low cut shoes. The garment should be worn with the zip on the outside of the leg. As many Australian snakes possess the danger of inflicting a fatal bite (The common Eastern Brown Snake leads in the most instances of snake bites in Australia. It is important to note that some victims did not even feel the bite) protection is a must. Built tough and tried-and-tested, these Clogger Snake Protex Gaiters are your best ally in the Australian outdoors.

No product is 100% “snake-proof” as there exist too many variables for anyone to claim this. Nor can there be any guarantees that a snake will not strike the body above the top of the garment (however it is unlikely from most Australian snakes). It should be noted that even when wearing this prod­uct, common sense should still apply and the wearer should still avoid contact with any venomous species. Snakeprotex is designed to prevent a snake’s fangs penetrating through to the skin.

  • Designed for protection specifically from Australian snakes, tough enough to withstand the harsh Australian environs
  • Rigorously tested for best performance by professional herpetologists
  • Zip fastens from top to the bottom, so gravity keeps gaiters securely zipped
  • Horizontal fastening keeps Clogger Snake Protex tight around the ankle
  • Strap found under the boot keeps the garment in position vertically, stopping it from riding up the leg
  • Strap is elastic and has a very durable and hard-wearing cover
Specifications: Design: Tough, durable outer material with zip closure Top closure: Secure, elastic top flap Testing:  Tested on Australian snakes

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