Arbormaster Felling Wedge 5 1/2"

Arbormaster Felling Wedge 5 1/2"


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Arbormaster Felling Wedge 5 1/2". A "must-have" when felling trees, the ARBORMASTER FELLING WEDGE 5 1/2" encourages the tree to fall in the direction of the notch cut. This is done by lifting the tree in the notch's direction. Use the wedge to prevent the tree from leaning back on your saw while making a back cut, and from pinching the saw. Perfect for tree felling operations and removing jammed chainsaws from logs, this can also can be used for bucking trees already on the ground.


  • Lightweight, durable, and strong
  • High impact plastic material
  • With built in non-slip barbs for PRO action, designed to hold the wedge securely and prevent slipping
  • Arbormaster Felling Wedge 5 1/2" allows a safer and cleaner felling experience


    Length: 5 1/2"


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