RedGum GP200 Chipper Shredder

RedGum GP200 Chipper Shredder

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Redgum GP200

The RedGum GP200 Chipper Shredder has the following key features:

Chipping Capacity: The RedGum GP200 Chipper has the power to instantly chip tree branches with a diameter of up to 75mm into valuable garden mulch.

Mulching Capacity: The RedGum GP200 Chipper also shreds weeds, leaves and garden refuse into nutrient-rich mulch and compost for gardens and flowerbeds.

Easy Feed Design: The RedGum Chipper Shredder is designed with a large hopper to save time as less preparation time is required triming branches and brush into a size to fit the machine.

Easy Maneuverability: The RedGum GP200 Chipper also comes with handles and wheeles so you can easily move the chipper from one location to another.

Storage and FREE Accessories: The RedGum GP200 Chipper comes with a handy storage compartment for tools, safety glasses, gloves and other accessories that assist in the effective usage of this RedGum fact we include a FREE set of gloves, a pair of safety glasses and chipping bag catcher!

Other Features Include:

  • Powered by a Honda GP200 engine
  • Easy feed design with large hopper
  • Chipping Capacity of up to 75mm
  • Storage compartment that includes FREE accessories
  • Assembled in Australia by RedGum specialists

AVAILABLE TO ORDER. To order this product and arrange shipping, please call 1300 027 267.


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